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Daniel Sheehan: The People's Advocate

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At the end of the chapter on the Karen Silkwood murder trial you will read that US media, including New York Times and Seymour Hersh, covered up details of the sale of plutonium to Israel and Iran by Kerr-McGee Corporation and by the CIA. This fact remained covered up until the publication of "The People's Advocate".  For readers who are serious about the state of the world today this is a must read. Public interest lawyer Danny Sheehan has produced a biography worthy of becoming required reading in world-wide schools and universities. Every Canadian member of parliament/senator needs to study this book    in order to provide leadership for Canada as we continue as good neighbour to the deeply troubled United States of America. Readers will be inspired by Danny's fight against great odds to rise above his difficult childhood; he won scholarships as a fine athlete and student. Readers will be shocked to find what Danny exposes in several major legal battles such as the Karen Silkwood case, Watergate, the Pentagon Papers and Iran Contra. Danny fearlessly exposes major state crimes still not resolved today, like the smuggling of nuclear material to Israel and Iran from the nuclear facility where Silkwood worked. Danny's battle is not over; state crimes remain to be exposed. The power of the criminal deep state prevented Danny from exposing the full story of the Iran Contra affair. Since many of the suspects in state-sponsored crimes in the United States remain in power, Danny's work is not yet finished. Several timely heart attacks and accidents removed witnesses, frustrating Danny's legal battles.  May Danny remain healthy and one day finish his great work. Well written and difficult to put down, this is without doubt a five star read.

                        John Duddy

"It turns out that a brilliant and aggressive trial lawyer who is an ardent defender of constitutional rights and civil liberties—truly a “People’s Advocate”—is also a wonderful storyteller ! Danny Sheehan’s recounting of his battles against wrong-doing, both in the courtroom and behind-the-scenes, is never less than enthralling to read. Most importantly, his book provides essential context for understanding the dangerous undermining of our civil liberties all Americans face today."

                        Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers Leaker


About the Author

Daniel Sheehan's 43-year legal career is distinguished by his aggressive and successful work as a federal civil rights attorney. He graduated from Harvard Law School, where he co-founded the Harvard Civil Rights Law Review and later returned to undertake graduate studies at Harvard Divinity School. He was the President and Chief Counsel of the Christic Institute, where he led such cases as the Karen Silkwood case and the Iran-Contra Affair lawsuit. He also served as the Director of the Central Strategic Initiative of Mikhail Gorbachev's STATE OF THE WORLD FORUM. He is now the Chief Counsel of the Lakota People's Law Project and currently lives in Santa Cruz, CA. 

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